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Be The Light, Let Your Story Shine .
Huge congratulations to _kobe_coffee_black & _justthatguygirl on tying the knot yesterday
Ice Cream Dream
Bridge over trouble waters .jpg
We had the pleasure to capture some of the greatest moments of the _SpecialOlympicsVA Speed Skating
Know the origins of your story, while embracing others .
Life stories .
Heart felt, stories .
Remember why you started, remember why you do what you do .
God, continue to shine Your light on this dark world .
Huge congrats to _kobe_coffee_black & _justthatguygirl on their engagement! Wish you guys the best w
Already in 2017, 72 stories, & counting, have been cut short in Chicago due to gun violence.
Vintage Stories .
Thankful for the service & the stories of the ones who protect this great country! 🇺🇸
Prayer. Poise. Peace. Persistence
The Greatest Story of them all! #OurStoryLines
Black or white, there's no color when Our Story Lines share the same soul .
Holy Matrimony ..
Happy birthday to #OurStoryLines founder, _G_Hen10 ! #WhatsYourStoryLine
Remembering their stories today .
_In this temple as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved he union, the memory of Abraham Lin
_ Take a seat, let me tell you a story about......
Prayer. Poise. Peace. Persistence
Be content with where you are .. Admire & appreciate the beauty that God has placed around you & in
Some of the best stories, are grown together .
Praying for Our country today .. Whoever is elected, may God use that person to bring this country t
All of our stories can be viewed as a glass of water; some half empty, some half full … When we let
Our stories don't begin until we spread our wings & soar to where God has predestined us ....
Reflection is key, it allows us to take a step back from ourselves & prioritize the things in life t
Fall season .. The time of year when God shows us his face, using His beautiful Creation.
We're all little ducklings, waiting on our time to fly .
Work Hard & Stay Positive! #HappyLaborDay
Sometimes God allows us to hear, see, & experience things, in order for us to keep our story on the
The lionhearted stories 🇺🇸💐 .
Enjoy the little things in life! #OurStoryLines
Some stories don't need a pen & a paper to be told .
I'd much rather rust on the outside & be happy within, than live a superficial life that rusts from
_ Sharing Our Stories _ #OurStoryLines
The way you see things, will dictate the outcome of your story! #OurStoryLines
Today, we reflect on those who lost their lives on this day, 15 years ago! #911 #OurStoryLines 🇺🇸
These are stories that need to be told .
Keeping your story on the right path, is key in 2017.
_Every sunset brings a promise of a new dawn_ - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Preconceived notions are locks on the door to wisdom .jpg
We All Have A Story Line .jpg
Footprints to my heart .
God paints the picture, it's up to us to tell the story .
Remember, there's 2 sides to every story .
Be Offishal .
Life is a flight, some layovers are longer than others .
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