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Dear Raleigh,

Dear Raleigh,

I miss you, I miss you so much but I'm doing what's best. Raleigh, you made me, you birthed me, you allowed me to tell my story at a young age. You helped me dream. I'm living my dream, WE'RE DOING IT.. While people hate what I'm doing, I feel like you gave me a reason to do what I'm doing. It all started with you on Dec. 26, 1991 at Rex hospital and even today, we're still just beginning. Every since I was kid, when I use to sneak out of church to go to the camera room during service, I knew what my passion was all along.

I'm so close yet so far from home. No matter how big I will get or how far I will go, I will always remember you. You are home. You really don't appreciate home until, you start making a living for yourself away from home. I've been able to travel the country this year, I've met some pretty great people this year. I've learned so much about myself & what I've learned is that Raleigh really treated me well. While I miss you dearly, I do not want to return to live, I only would like to visit you. Raleigh you push me to be great. The fear of us meeting for a long period of time really scares me. Of course I enjoy being home but you give me a reason to keep striving to be the best. I would much rather wear Raleigh on my shirt and in my heart rather than be in Raleigh. I miss my old coaches & friends & while I miss the good ol' days, I do not want to revisit them. Raleigh, You truly have my heart, but it is time to keep pushing & striving for excellence.

I've learned so much, from working at my dream TV station as a kid (WRAL), to driving home every other week to see my old girlfriend. Raleigh, I found my first love there, I experienced my 1st heartbreak in Raleigh. I found my match in Raleigh. At the same time, I found darkness in Raleigh that I do not want to revisit. Raleigh, I've truly made many memories this year. 2016 has been the biggest year of my life to date. Now, 2017 is going to be that much better. I found myself in 2016. In 2017 I will be a household name. People will know me by the difference I've made in 2017. I'll be able to speak on a bigger and better platform in 2017. In Jesus Name. While doing all this, I'll keep the city of Raleigh right next to me, better yet, inside my heart. I'll never forget the memories we made but at the same time, we have more memories to make. I'm truly enjoying life, life's moving so fast. I want to soak it in. God, guard my eyes and my heart, show me what's best, use me. Bless my dreams to come true.

Thank you, Raleigh !

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