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The Next Story....

As Our Story Lines keeps growing, so does my story...

I'm thinking abt making that next step in the writing phase of my life. I love to write, I love to think, I love to feel. I made the step of putting my thoughts on paper (IPhone), now I'm taking the next step of putting my IPhone's "Notes" to my computer and sharing my computer with the world. It's time to start to putting the pieces of the puzzle together & telling the story. After I put the story together, I want to tell it to others. It's crazy how much you learn about yourself that you didn't know until someone asks you questions about yourself. Self-examination!

One thing about me, I'm a random person!

Random thought: I can't spend money on a subscription for a job search. Idk how secure that subscription is. I've never had to pay to look for a job. I'd rather just pray & put the hard work in oneself. Yea I know I may be working harder but hey somebody has to do the searching for the job, whether it's you or the agency. Is spending your money on something you can't control working smart? Whether you hear about the job posting 7 days before me, I'm still going to hear about it.

Just Food For Thought!

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