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Fresh air makes us stronger people

Sometimes you just have to get out of your contaminated environment

The pollution in the air can make you weaker

& force an early retirement

Don't be the reason why people can't breathe

We all need to take a break sometimes

While sometimes people is all we need

One can get tired of trying

You will get twisted & turned on this road

But keep your head & don't bend nor break

Because once it's time for you to go

That's when people will finally understand that you were great

But then it will be too late

& then they'll have another reason to hate

But let them stone you & be a hater

Because they'll laugh now, but be a fan later

While they're doing all this, you won't feel any wrath

At this point you'll be able to do is laugh

Forgive but don't forget

Make sure they know you were the best person they never met

Keep your head on a swivel but keep your chin up

Because what they do will never be enough

But who is they

Hey.......who is they?

At the end of the day,

God is the only one that matters when you put your head down to lay

Get those thoughts off your chest

Cry if you have to, it'll make you stress less

One day someone will understand

that's when you know you've become a man

Know who cares, know who doesn't

Know whose always been there,

& those who wasn't

Hold it tight, never let go, that's the solution

Because the people you let go, were only pollution.

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